Frequently asked questions

At what age can a child tube?

No children under (3) years old. Children below age 12 must be supervised by a parent/guardian while in the tubing area.

Can more than one person ride in a tube?

We allow one person per tube.

Do I need to sign anything?

We do require that everyone sign a Tubing Waiver form. A parent/guardian signature is required for anyone under 18. A copy of the Waiver form is available to download.

Can I bring my own tube or sled?

We do not allow personal tubes or sleds to be used on the tubing runs. The tube rental is included in the cost.

Can I tube longer than 1 hour?

Sure! Your tubing admission includes a tube for a full three hour block.

How do I get back up the hill?

You can effortlessly ride back up the hill on our state-of-the-art moving sidewalk called the Little Bit.

Do I need to wear special clothing?

Dress according to the weather and as if you were going sledding. We suggest dressing in layers, and waterproof clothing is recommended. Ski boots are not allowed on the tubing hill.