Nov. 18 & 19
Mount Logan Middle School:
Warren Miller Premiere of
Winter Starts Now

Every ticket comes with $100+ in freebies to make your winter more awesome!
✔️ Free Cherry Peak Day or Night Skiing Pass in Richmond, UT ($45 value, all attendees)*
✔️ BOGO Day Pass at Beaver Mountain ($60 value, first 500 to purchase only)*
✔️ Free Gift from Al’s Sporting Goods (First 100 to purchase only)
✔️ $20 Gift Certificate to Directive Board Shop ($20 value, all attendees)
✔️ $10 Gift Certificate to Firefly Power Bikes ($10 value, first 300 to purchase only)*
✔️ $5 Gift Certificate to Al’s Sporting Goods ($5 Value, all attendees)
✔️ 3 Free Extra Raffle Tickets for more chances to win skis, season passes, ski trips, & more ($15 value, first 200 to purchase only)
✔️ More to come!
* Rules, regulations, and blackout dates apply to Beaver Mountain, Cherry Peak Passes. Firefly certificate may be redeemed in Logan, Smithfield or Bear Lake location. 
Tons of swag and raffle prizes! (Extra tickets $5 or 5 for $20)
  • Season Ski Passes
  • Ski Trip Giveaways
  • Snowboard Giveaways
  • Ski Giveaways
  • More!
  • $21 for individual tickets
  • $59 for family tickets (4 max for immediate family - for example no aunts and uncles, no cousins, no grandparents, no in-laws, etc.)
Tickets on sale now!